The Brands To Support In The Fight Against Animal Testing

2018 is the year of being socially responsible. Plastic free, meat free and dairy free are among some of the buzz concepts challenging social norms and fuelling advertisements.  Cruelty free is another one of these said concepts, it encouragers consumers to support brands whose ethos go against the cruel and inhumane practice of animal testing. Despite laws banning animal testing in Europe since 2013 the beauty industry, with all its luxurious appeal, still has this ugly underside to it.  

Limited legislation means it is not compulsory for companies to let consumers know if they test on animals, however brands are now taking pride in marketing themselves as cruelty free; a strong business move seeing as sales of vegan products grew by 38% in the last year alone. Shopping for cruelty free products is now not desolate to the make up aisle of Holland & Barrett, or to brands substituting quality over ethics. Sleek, lust worthy packaging from companies with strong ethical views on animal testing, are fast turning cruelty free products into an inevitable, vanity table mainstay.

With a long list of chemicals and already known to be safe to use, it begs the question, why are companies continually choosing to test products on animals? Financial gain and profit would pose a sensible answer; the elusive Chinese beauty market requires by law, that all cosmetics sold in the country are tested on animals. Worth millions in potential sales it is no wonder that some brands are forgoing ethics in exchange for Chinese sales. However, some companies are turning their backs on such practice and revolutionising the beauty scene by paving a way for good ethics and the industry to co-exist together.


Starting off from a small capsule collection of skincare essentials back in 2014, millennial cult favourite, Glossier has quickly rose to cult status. Emily Weiss, CEO of the brand, takes a “skin first, make-up second” philosophy, promoting minimalistic make up in favoured of the contouring trends and heavily made up celebrities and models dominating the beauty industry today. Continuing with the tact of "no make up, make up" the brand has earned its self a large devout following; one that the company boasts provides 80% of their growth through peer-to-peer recommendations. 

Some of the best sellers include boy brows, a hair pomade to thicken, fill in and groom brows; Milky Jelly Cleanser, a blend of five skin conditioners and cleansing agents and Balm Dotcom, a 'do everything' lip balm in 6 different shades to merge with a variety of skin tones.

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Super cool LA beauty brand Hourglass, is a luxury high performance make up founded by beauty industry veteran, Carisa Janes. Struggling with problematic skin herself, Janes launched the company with a focus on creating products infused with skin benefiting formulations to enhance and radiate natural beauty. Existing at the intersection of science, beauty and luxury, the brand has managed to carve a niche market for itself; stocked in the lavish Liberty London, Harvey Nichols and Harrods, Hourglass is rapidly growing in terms of accessibility and appeal. The selection of blushers and bronzer from the ambient light collection have proved so popular that the brand have now launched a custom made palette for buyers to choose their favourite three powders. The Veil Fluid collection, an indispensable favourite, consisting of a multipurpose silky primer, foundation and more recently launched, translucent powder; these best sellers are compact into sleek, opulent packaging celebrated with autumnal colours.

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Kat Von D

Last year, Kat Von D called out Nars, via a viral Instagram post, following the announcement it was to sell in China (hence implementing animal testing to comply with Chinese laws) this earned KatVon D and her namesake make up brand praise and admiration for its outspoken stance on ethical issues.  Her make up line, sold on the high street has a highly-stylized aesthetic, all the recognisable packaging that is designed by Kat Von D herself, drawing on her inspiration from her tattoo artist background. The tattoo liner is undisputedly her best selling product, a nod in the direction of the punk, rock & roll, goth feel to the brand. Only a few days ago a review from an impressed fan, discussing the eye liners indestructible staying power, following an unfortunate car accident, went viral. The lock it foundation is another popular item, giving a buildable full coverage base which provides the perfect blank canvas for artistic creativity, from its user.

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Charlotte Tilbury

If there’s one person you can trust to advise on a make up product, it’s going to be a make up artist, and who more equipped than scene queen, Charlotte Tilbury. With an impressive twenty plus years experience as a make up artist and beauty insider she goes by the tagline, "give a women the right make up and she can conquer the world". 2013 saw the inception of Charlotte Tilbury and her eponymous named make up and skincare brand. The foray of her make up line in Selfridges, was the retailers biggest ever beauty launch (in terms of turnover) with people queuing around the block to secure a place on one of the much coveted plush velvet chairs.

The products, equally as aesthetically pleasing as an instore visit into the art deco boudoir, have a feel of old Hollywood meets red carpet glamour. They are functional and covetable; the matte revolution lipstick is a roaring success, the wonderglow face primer a must have and the Magic Cream has been hailed a miracle skincare essential. The products are split into 10 signature looks, each taking inspiration from beauty icons of the past and present, think Penelope Cruz, Ursula Andres and Brigitte Bardot. This gives the shopper an ability to bypass all the confusion over choice and focus on the desired look.

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Marc Jacobs Beauty

Cast aside the earthy pigments, nude lips, and barely the coverage, Marc Jacobs debut beauty line boasts an array of over 120 bold and vividly bright products. The beauty line was naturally the next business step in the massive Marc Jacobs empire; his fashion shows often made the headlines not only for his creations but equally for his innovative and avant-garde vision for make up and hair; remember NYFW SS17? Dreadlock gate? However, with rave reviews, it is safe to say being amongst the first fashion brands to make a cruelty free line, was a step in the right direction for the brand. Selecting up and coming model and activist Adwoa Aboah as the face of Marc Jacobs beauty has secured the approval of the brand in the conscientious and ethical skates. 

A reflection of the extrovert runway looks from Marc Jacobs, the beauty range boasts mascaras, liners and lip products in eye-watering bright, pop colours. However it is the classic shades of O!Mega bronzer, Dew drops highlighter and Shameless Youthful-Look 24H foundation that prove best sellers; signalling that Marc Jacobs beauty is not just for the experimental beauty enthusiast.

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