Exercise On How To Prevent Neck Wrinkles

@Studio PIBE

@Studio PIBE


Tone your neck muscles with exercise, stretch your skin and make the lines on your neck become less visible.

Follow our step-by-step instructions on how to do this simple exercise, designed to deal with neck wrinkles.

1. Sit on a chair, keep your back straight and close your mouth. Gradually tilt your head back, as if looking up at the ceiling.

2. Open your mouth and stick your tongue out and down, as if trying to reach your chin with it. Feel the stretch and count from one to ten.

3. Take a breather, relax your tongue and then do 10 more sets of this exercise.

This exercise can be repeated several times during the day.

TIME BOMB - Troubleshooter Neck, Jaw and Décolleté Cream

TIME BOMB - Troubleshooter Neck, Jaw and Décolleté Cream

Remember that the skin on the neck can get dry and wrinkle easily as it's amongst the most thinnest.

This means that in addition to exercising your neck, you need to make sure you're bringing your skincare all the way down to the neck and chest, as well as using a targeted neck and chest cream that can zone in and address the issue, like the multi award-winning Time Bomb Troubleshooter Neck, Jaw and Décolleté Cream.

  • This rich, velvety cream is formulated with Lanachrys©, usually found in cellulite treatments - which breaks down excess fatty deposits and tones the skin, crucial to improve the appearance of jowls and turkey neck.

  • The deeply moisturising formula also contains skin protecting pea extract to prevent crepe-y skin and preserve and aid the production of collagen and elastin, maintaining skin's firmness and elasticity and delivering an instant uplifting boost.

  • Chrysanthellum and white truffle extract further firm and smooth the skin to combat troublesome sagging and wrinkles whilst a special 9-amino based peptide, rumex occidentalis extract and vitamin C help inhibit pigmentation, diminish the appearance of age spots and make complexion look more even.

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