How To Apply Fragrance & Make It Last Longer

UNITE Trio - Travel Edition by Thomas Clipper @Studio PIBE

UNITE Trio - Travel Edition by Thomas Clipper @Studio PIBE


What is the right way to apply a fragrance? Is it enough or too much?

They say: “Your fragrance reflects your personality”.
So, you should choose something that suits you and allow it to become a part of you.

- After bath
Apply perfume on your skin preferably after a bath/shower since your skin is nice and clean and can captivate your favorite fragrance much longer than usually. After some time before you leave home, keep the bottle a few inches away from your body and spray the area once, then stand there for a while, the fragrance should mist onto your skin, and after a while you will start smelling the fullness once again. This trick will refresh your aroma and make it last all day long. Try it!

- New start, new day
Daytime it’s the period that usually you are moving the most. A great advice that we can suggest, is during this period of the day, apply a fresh and natural fragrance on your wrist, your neck and just a little last on clothes before you leave the house. As the perfume evaporates, it rises up, so you continue to smell all day. Do it and it will work magic!

- Right measurements
Least but not last, always remember less is more, your main aim is smell nice and attract people to you, not the other way around. Too much use of perfume can cause dizziness and repulsion. Discretion is the key regarding amount.

UNITE Collection

UNITE Collection

PIBE recommends...

UNITE is the essential fragrance for him. Formulated in Grasse, France. Made in the UK. Available to buy from Fortnum & Mason (London) and many more stockists worldwide. Organic alcohol, no animal testing, vegan-friendly and limited edition with batches of 250 made at one time. Each fragrance comes with a handwritten card stating the order number in which it was made. 

Whilst the scents within the UNITE collection all work as individual fragrances in their own right, you can probably assume from the name trio that these have been designed to work in unity, giving the wearer the ability to layer and blend the scents together for different occasions and for anytime be it day or night. Thomas Clipper is the only men’s fragrance that we know to have launched fragrances which can be layered. 

The 3 fragrances include:
CITY A modern classic. City is a timeless blend of aromatic notes, grounded in tonka bean and cedarwood. A contemporary fougère for the modern man.
The fougère style was created in the courts of European royals, but modernised by Thomas Clipper.

Masculine, complex and deep. Vetiver and saffron give Country a subtle smoke, while sandalwood and oud adds a contrasting, powdery effect. Ginger and black pepper provide balance with a fresh lift. Taking inspiration from the countryside and our products made there, from the Tuscan leathers to the British, hand-turned timber.

COAST Coast is fresh, sophisticated and sporty. Citrus notes and cypress leaf, grounded in rich iris and guaiac wood. Taking inspiration from the place where our colognes were developed: mandarin top-notes inspired by the citrus of Grasse, and cypress, inspired by the Côte d'Azur and the trees that grow there.

Click here to shop UNITE. Available in travel sets of 7.5ml per vial, or in a premium 3x50ml collection of the three colognes. Each scent is also available individually in 50ml bottles.