How To Make Your Makeup Last All Day

@Rodrigo Carmuega

@Rodrigo Carmuega


To make your makeup last all day use a moisturizer first on cleansed skin. A face primer is key to having make up that stays the whole day. Almost every single brand has a primer from low prices to high end, so depending on your budget you can choose the brand that suits you.

A primer smooths fine lines, open pores and prepares the skin for the perfect “canvas”. A makeup primer most likely contains waxes and silicones. These ingredients can form a bond with other products, causing the cosmetics to have more longevity than they would otherwise. This means that your foundation will stay put all day.

The same goes with lip primers. It creates a base for lip colour for no budge, no smudge pigment that lasts all day.

Eyeshadow primers are also amazing to keep your eyeshadow in place on the eyelid and it works to keep the creases from appearing.

Blotting papers are also fantastic for any excess shine throughout the day if you do not like the “powdered look”.

Blotting powder is also great for keeping your make up in place for many hours, but do not overdo it. You want your skin to look like it's breathing, so do not put too much powder throughout the day.