Our individuality is what defines us.
Individuality is your uniquely composed character which distinguishes you from the next person. It is also the wellspring of all creativity and innovation.  Without the distinctive combination of qualities which makes an individual special, nothing original could ever be thought, expressed, or created.  Neither art nor science would exist without each person’s individuality. 

It is deemed stylish to act as an individual, yet we always talk about people as extension of a collective. We are inundated with fashion trends and artistic templates that try to confine our expression into labelled groups. Artists are often forced to subdue their individuality and follow somebody else’s rules to make a living, while people are constantly criticised for dressing in ways that others consider unfashionable. But if we don’t express our own individuality, we may as well all have identical personalities. 

It is imperative that we celebrate individuality, not by talking about it, but by exhibiting our uniqueness. Instead of conforming to the tastes of others, we should be comfortable to wear whatever style we choose, and free to create any art we desire, however personal or bizarre. If more people embraced their individuality, art, fashion, and culture in general would greatly benefit, because a wealth of original and inspirational ideas would be shared with us all.  Only then could we witness the true extent of humanity’s diversity.

PIBE team