Joy is the most transformative of positive emotions. 
We can be in a state of inescapable sadness, but the experience of even slight joy can lift us out of darkness and into a realm of sublimity. 
Joy comes from internally making peace with who we are and unapologetically expressing ourselves.
Joy is also addictive and infectious: If you share your joy, you will spread it. 

Spreading joy through art is something humanity has done  for centuries to endure the greatest hardships. 
Even the most depressed of the great artists found magical joy in art and the creative process. Vincent van Gogh once said “The only time I feel alive is when I’m painting”. 
Indeed, creating and observing art can awaken feelings of immense joy within us. This is because creative expression often reduces stress, increases open-mindedness and elevates our mood to one dominated by positivity.

Joy is achieved in fashion by staying true to yourself and honouring your style. 
Your clothes say a lot about you, so when you dress to suite your taste alone, you will naturally be more confident and joyous.
There is nothing more beautiful than a person who is full of joy.
And so, we must realise that being joyful and doing things that fill us with joy will bring staggering beauty to our lives. 
Therefore, for us, this spring is all about feeling joy through expressing ourselves in fashion and art with fun and fresh ideas.
As a result, we have found joy in everything we’ve produced for this issue.

PIBE team